Robert Frost's Impact Of Writing

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Robert Frost is a much appreciated poet of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries to whom today’s commonly seen techniques are attributed. Many authors’ goal is to provide a contribution to society and influence the literature field in which they primarily work. To some, leaving a recognized impression is one of the highest rewards in literature. For authors similar to Robert Frost, a poet in the 19th and 20th centuries, they accomplished this goal with, what seems like, little effort or struggle. Throughout the poetry genre, Frost’s writing impacts are being identified to this day. Robert Frost impacted the poetry genre through his unique writing style, his use of imagery, and by bringing poetry into a new time period of subject matter. Robert Frost’s writing style impacted the poetry genre through his use of writing tools and language, which were new in the 1900’s and are seen more often today because of Frost. Therefore, his poetry consisted of techniques and tones towards his audience to …show more content…
In his modern poems, he included realism to portray the depression in the 1900’s. Nevertheless, he brought an optimistic view in his writing, “Robert Frost was an American author, whose impact can clearly be seen all over the world. Frost used his words to display an image to the reader… to see the good in life, when it may not seem as if there can be any left” (“The Impact of Robert Frost” n. pag.). Because he lived in the countryside, Frost used his trips to large cities, where he met with universities or poets, to visit the poor and wealthy areas. By experiencing the different environments of peoples’ lives, Frost found images to embed in some of his most famous poetry. Through his use of realism, Frost impacted both the poetry genre of literature and the way people viewed the economic

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