Robert Frost 's Poetry And American Culture Essay

1916 Words Jan 3rd, 2015 8 Pages
It was the winter of 1906 and the only thing that was present in the life of a middle-aged New Englander was failure. “After a near death experience with pneumonia that winter, this man turned to poetry as his only form of consolation” (Thompson 151). That man was Robert Frost. He was a loving father, husband, and friend. Frost was inspired by the sights around him, the people he met, and the experiences he had. Through his years, Frost developed a personalized style of poetry that would be forever loved and remembered. Robert Frost changed literature and American culture through his relatable subject matter, his unique style and form, and through the wide acceptance and effect of his poetry. Frost’s work was extremely relatable to all kinds of people because he focused on every-day topics and wrote about life in general. The poetry Frost wrote appealed to the outlook on the world and beliefs of many people. Throughout all of Frost’s works he “spoke of four beliefs which he knew more intimately from living with poetry: ‘the self-belief,’ ‘the love-belief,’ ‘the art-belief,’ and ‘the God-belief’” (Encyclopedia of World Literature 180). Through the use of these, everybody could relate to at least one aspect of his poetry. Frost’s work is said to have timeless messages due to the fact that “in his work the natural world, like human life itself, is constantly undermining and renewing itself” (Dickenstein 6). Frost was an ordinary guy from New England that had many of the same…

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