The Robber Bridegroom Analysis

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Character Analysis of the “Robber’s Bridegroom”

Joshua R Rager
Mrs. Jackson
ENG 1020-W1

In the Grimm’s tale of “The Robber Bridegroom” the main character or heroine of the story is a miller’s daughter who like all women of the time are subjected to a patriarchal society where the father picks out a suitor for their daughters. In a patriarchal society the father is the center of the family who serves as the provider and decision maker in the household, while the mother and girls of the family are the homemaker(s). In this story, however, there is just the daughter while that of the father is mentioned in two very particular scenarios: when deciding to marry the daughter off and after the girl’s heroic and death defying
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At the urging of the girls soon to be husband, the miller’s daughter relates a horrid story that she’d told the crowd repeatedly that she had seen in her dreams. She paints her gathered audience a detailed story which unmasks the crimes of the groom-to-be and his crew by presenting the severed ringed finger as evidence. The girl very carefully and smartly removes herself from becoming the next victim of another cannibalistic crime, in front of the other members of her village gathered there for her special day. The way the girl chooses to address her dilemma in telling this horrific dream which was actually what had happened in front of her entire village and the ghastly vagabonds takes the issue from a family affair to that of the community at large, sending a very clear and apparent message: women no longer will yield to men’s primal and authoritative whims. The groom-to-be and his crew then meet their much deserved fate under the hands of the audience gathered to see the young miller’s daughter married off. The malicious violence described by the young girl creates instant call that triggers immediate vigilante justice by the community at

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