Risk Assessment Is A Dominant Approach For Making Decisions Essay

1193 Words Nov 28th, 2015 null Page
In recent years, risk assessment has become a dominant approach for making decisions to protect environment and public health, which is based on limited resources (Abt et al, 2010). It has been applied to the U.S. environmental protection Agency (EPA) and other agencies, industry and academic groups. It arranges from protecting water and air from polluted to ensuring food safety, along with preventing drugs, and the quantity of daily necessities. Risk assessment is a significant tool for forming manageable and scientific decisions, making choices among research needs, and finally developing plans for taking cost and benefits into consideration of regulatory methods. Apart from traditional ways of risk assessment, a completely new approach called “Solution-focused risk assessment” (SFRA) has been put forward (Finkel, 2011). This new decision-making framework was advocated for by Finkel in Science and Decisions: Advancing Risk Assessment (NRC 2009). He argued that compared with traditional approaches, SFRA may offer three benefits. First, SFRA breaks the endless cycle of analysis. This means that it is more effective when we know enough to decide rather than to know every aspect. Second, risk reduction can be achieved due to more decisions. This is more useful rather than knowing how much risk reduction would be ideal. Third, SFRA can highlight ways to resolve multiple risks at the same time, which prevents useless and negative risk regulations, as well as involving effective…

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