Risk Assessment And Risk Management Essay

700 Words Oct 24th, 2015 3 Pages
To protect my company assets from cyber threats/attacks many things must be taken into consideration because there is always a deeper internal issue in what we believe is secure. Risk assessment and risk management are both very important parts of planning to create a safe, secure work environment to protect my employees and company both on the inside and outside of the company. I would assure that my company conducts a risk assessment periodically. This helps to see what has failed in the past versus what improvements and corrective actions have been made to present day. Comparing and contrasting the effects of failures also helps to determine if the current improvement fall into the same category. When checking for vulnerabilities in Information System Security the factors should be looked upon its role in the outcome of a positive and productive Information system. For instance, Physical aspect such as the hardware that involves data storage, servers, the networks; Cyber aspect such as the software’s used, data, information; Human aspect as to the management, policies, training, authentication, employees; Company infrastructure such as their power lines, environment, and building premises. In regards to all of these factors is important to evaluate each and every fact. As well as, assure that backup or recovery plans are put into action. Some of the few things I would do is to check my scripts for any suspicious logs in both the firewall and system. Install software’s…

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