Rising Water Crisis Essay

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Currently, Asia is in a large, rising water crisis that is leaving many populations with difficulty in finding clean water. Urbanization, agriculture, rising population, and overuse of water has led to the rising crisis. Throughout many of the countries in Asia, the rising water crisis is dominating government decisions, lifestyles, and the economy. Many may think that water is an unlimited source that is always replenish able, and overuse it and waste it in vast amounts. Sadly, this is catching up to us all, as a sky-rocketing population along with a diminishing water supply will cause problems globally. Many non-governmental organizations such as the Red Cross are making efforts to supply water and other amenities to countries in need. In order for this problem to be fixed internally for these countries, more large-scale movements need to take place. Every country should be able to provide everyone with an adequate amount of water, and if they don’t their populations will simply perish. Although these organizations are successfully assisting, a more permanent solution needs to be proposed. In order for this to be accomplished, the government …show more content…
India is a country that has triple the population than that of the U.S, but only a third of the size (Brooks). Because of this, the populations are heavily concentrated causing constant high demands of water and other amenities. Poverty rates are also likely soaring because of this, as over 52% of the people are poor, along with 33% of people having normal, daily sanitation (Brooks). Along with this children in over 100 million homes lack water, and one of every two are malnourished (Brooks). National steps have been taken to try and reduce poverty, with the providing of water systems (Brooks). India has a great deal of factors contributing to the crisis, and it is only a matter of time before many populations begin to fatally suffer if these aren’t

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