Rise and Fall of Napoleon Bonaparte Essay

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Napoleon Bonaparte’s rise to power consisted of many mistakes, wrong turns, and pitfalls, yet he managed to become head of the most powerful country in Europe at the age of thirty. During his formative years, his character was ambiguous and his intensions were often ill defined. He was, however, highly ambitious, and it was this that advanced his career and social status (Asprey). His most important and consistent aim was to create a French Empire and establish French dominance over Europe, which he was able to accomplish (Grab). However, as Napoleon became more powerful, his opposition grew stronger. It was evident that he was destined to be deposed by political responsibility and personal betrayal. Unfortunately, his threatening …show more content…
Once he was released, he returned to the Army of Italy and in 1795, he was stationed in Paris, where he received a job in the Topographical Bureau (109). It was here that he met Francois Barras, the commander in chief of the Committee of Public Safety (111). Many members of the Commune of Paris proposed that Napoleon was the one who would help save the republic. Barras put Napoleon in charge of the operations and Napoleon immediately took advantage of his title and got rid of the mobs of rebel royalists (122). This victory promoted him to commander in chief of the Army of Italy (134). In 1796 Napoleon headed to Italy with energy and optimism even though he was faced with a group of discouraged soldiers. He greeted his army with welcoming and encouraging words:
Soldiers! You are ill-fed and almost naked. The government owes you a great deal, but it can do nothing for you. Your patience and courage do you honor but give you neither worldly goods nor glory. I shall lead you into the most fertile plains on earth. There you shall find great cities and rich provinces. There you shall find honor, glory, riches. Soldiers of the army of Italy! Could courage and constancy possibly fail you? (Asprey, 136)
It was these empowering speeches, the strong physical demands of his army, and his determination that helped him win so many wars. After a year and a half of being in Italy, Napoleon nearly conquered most of the land. (Grab, 18) Napoleon fought many battles with

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