Accounting Information System: Riordan Manufacturing

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Riordan Manufacturing has identified a need to integrate their accounting information systems. For the revenue cycle, the hardware and software selection requirements are described in the following paper. The process includes answering important questions regarding internal controls, the persons who require access to the different types of information, and what types of reports should be generated. Finally, the decision on where the accounting information should be stored will be discussed. Determining the hardware and software needed and documenting the controls of the system is an important first step in integrating the entire manufacturing company and producing reliable and accurate financial statements.
Information Access The people who
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The types of reports that need to be generated are consumer list (information in regards to consumer profile, such as name, address, and contact information), customer request of product or service, agreement of sale or service, financial records (accounts payable and receivable, order entry, procurement, sales and purchasing history, invoicing and shipping, payroll), and list or record of products and its …show more content…
In regards to the Riordan manufacturing system, we discussed the different types of employees who need to access the information, the controls that need to be in place, the types of reports that can be generated, and the information that should be available through the corporate web system. In addition to this we explored the revenue cycle and how it may affect the information each department needs. Different types of access are given to different employees. It is done this way so they are controlled and every employee does not have access to important information that is not necessary to their role. Finally we went over the information that is available as public knowledge and company knowledge, how they are determined, and how they are

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