Right And Wrong On Antigone And Wikileaks Essay

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Right and Wrong in Antigone and Wikileaks
Some of the decisions that individuals make on a daily basis have significant repercussions. Whereas these consequences may impact individuals directly, sometimes they may have an effect on an individual’s surrounding as a whole. As will be demonstrated in this paper, some of the choices can have detrimental implications on the State. It is worth noting that the Greek civilization was characterized by a collection of numerous city states including Argos, Athens and Sparta. The Athenian golden age was marked by some intriguing milestones in civilization and creativity. Sophocles, borne in 495 B.C about one mile North West of Athens, was one of the most significant playwrights of the Greek golden age. His play, Antigone echoes everyday events in today’s civilization. By publicly disagreeing with the King, Antigone commits a terrible crime that could potentially weaken Creon’s control of Thebes. Recently, Wikileaks has been relentless in availing extremely sensitive and classified documents to the public domain. The documents have serious repercussions as far as American domestic politics and international relations are concerned. This paper seeks to highlight the fact that Wikileaks’ revelations are considerably irresponsible acts of individuals that are hostile to the state.

Case against Antigone
The play begins soon after Thebes’ soldiers triumph over the invading army of Argos city state (Sophocles). It soon becomes evident that…

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