Richard Wagamese 's Keeper ' N Me Essay

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In Richard Wagamese’s Keeper ‘N Me, one can argue that based on Garnet Raven’s family background, with his mother living on the White Dog Indian reserve, and his father a bush Indian, that it is in his nature to be a part of his Native culture. He was raised, as an infant, immersed in his Native culture. This was the beginning of expressing his Native identity. However, his treatment in foster care convinced Garnet that his Native heritage is full of drunks and beggars, forcing him to hide his Native identity from others. His brother Stanley’s initial contact with Garnet while he was “being black” (Wagamese 38) proved to Garnet that his family cared a great deal for him, and lead Garnet back to the reserve. There his family’s unconditional acceptance and support to acted as a catalyst to unravel the negative view of Indians that was forced upon Garnet in his foster homes. By destroying the stereotypes surrounding being an Indian garnet finally allowed himself to express his Native identity. He did this by learning the culture and traditions that were followed on the reserve. In addition to learning the culture and traditions, Garnet “learned ‘bout respect […] learned to be kind and share […] learned to be honest […] learned about bein’ Indyun, about himself” (56, 57). Although he possessed all of these traits before he came to White Dog, they were not fully expressed until he no longer saw his Native identity as a flaw.
Garnet Raven was born into a family with an extensive…

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