Richard Layard 's Effect On The Individual 's Happiness Essay

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Richard Layard has done a great job in constituting what is exactly happiness. “Happiness come from without and within (Layard 55).” Some may ask why we aren’t happy all the time. The answer is relied on the Big Seven. The big seven are family relationships, financial situations, work, community and friends, health, personal freedom, and personal values. I think that happiness relies on these main factors. They make up our lives on this earth, and they make us happy or not. If Happiness is crucial or intimate like our DNA, then why are we still unhappy? The reason why are not happy is because we have been “destroyed” by social factors. We are effecting by the impact they have on our daily lives. If the big seven were to be affected, this will in fact affect the individual’s happiness. For example, everyone that has a family relationship issues, financial situations, and etc., always seem down. Their happiness are not in full effect because it messes you up mentally. Richard Layard states that “Money won’t make you happy, but you can learn what will!” Money, technology, and other major advancements have improved, but we are still not happy. The advancement of these things has a major downfall. For example, minimum wage goes up, they rise tax up. The reasons are because people fear of being poor, fearing life and lacking the material basis to carry your family financially can demoralize your happiness.
Richard Layard’s Happiness book is well put together and I believed that…

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