Rhodesia American Revolution Essay

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European colonization of Africa led to the collapse of previous empires and new institution of European white minority rulings over a black majority. Unequal representation in the government led to the oppression of the rights and voices of Africans in the European government. During the years 1964-1979, Rhodesia fought for their independence that was achieved through the Rhodesian Bush War. The spark that caused a push towards the revolution was at first because of land dispute among the locals and the British foreigners. This lead to political tensions between the white supremacist minority government and the black majority people being not properly treated or represented, which lead the nation to fall into immense trouble with the British. …show more content…
Therefore, the only interest shown was in the favor of the Crown, as they pushed aside all other voices that were not British. In the long term, segregation developed between the upper white class and the indigenous lower class.[6] The blacks pushed towards the bottom of the societal rankings as the collision with the British imperialistic ideals took away the rights for the land of the people and limited opportunities to have higher paying jobs. This oppression they suffered as being seen as inferior for their primitive ways was a cause for the tensions that would resurface in the future of the second Rhodesian uprising. As the whites had now established their power among the Rhodesians, the next step in their control for power was to take charge of the government. It evolved into which a white minority government, which neither represented nor showed interest in the black majority, but only did as they please and made the nation suffer. As the time of the 1970s come around, the population of Rhodesia consisted of 228,000 Europeans and close to 4.8 million blacks.[7] As the demographics in the white’s continued

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