Rhetorical Triangles: Benjamin Franklin And Patrick Henry

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Realist and puritan both have very different perspectives on how they comprehend things, but both showed rhetorically effective passages. The realist had a decent amount of the parts in the rhetorical triangle such as talking about the authors and what they had accomplished and why they were important. Puritans had a much stronger approach on the rhetorical triangle for instance it had a big impact on the audience. The piece of writing the puritans showed was more rhetorically effective than the realist; the text had a consistent use of having ethos, pathos, and logos. Many of the puritans had a different approach on how they wanted to write their message, but all had an effective way on using the rhetorical triangle in there writing. The puritans showed …show more content…
Benjamin Franklin wrote an autobiography which shows rhetorical effectiveness by having ethos. It has many information on who he was and what he had accomplished. Benjamin Franklin was an inventor and a business man he had always planned on becoming a scientist but he had a talent for working out businesses for the country. (Pg.73) The realist showed logos from the rhetoric triangle by showing how he had changed many things in the American society. One of the biggest speeches and impact he made was the “Declaration of Resistance”. This is also commonly known as the stamp act. (Pg. 87) Showing pathos was also included in the triangle. Many people still appreciate his work and what he had done, an American novelist named Herman Melville said “Franklin was everything but a poet”.(et al. 73) This shows he is greatly admired still to this day and that he could have made a big impact during the time he was alive as well. Even though the realists had impacted their audience in a more pleasurable way the puritans approached the rhetorical triangle more

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