Reflective Essay On Rhetorical Strategies

Thinking deeply about the arbitrary and conventional nature of language and the importance and power of rhetorical strategy impacts my understanding of the writing act. It would help me to understand what I’m reading better. Also, it would be more clear to read the essay than the one without the rhetorical strategy. Rhetorical strategies are Logos, Pathos, Ethos and the essay will be based on one of the appeals. I would know if the essay is about logos it would be something based on logic so it would give me an idea of what to think about when I’m reading the essay. It would benefit me to think deeply about the rhetorical essay because I would have an understanding of what the essay would be about than a non rhetorical essay. The rhetorical essay is easier to structure than a non-rhetorical essay and …show more content…
It won't be a usually writing skill it would be different. It would help me write better and organize my idea well. My writing in the past is not well organized also I had difficulty in answering questions well. Rhetorical strategies of writing would be a perfect writing technique for me to use when I'm writing an essay. For rhetorical strategy essay you have to focus on a speaker, purpose, and audience and it can be difficult at times because something you don't know who's the audience for your essay other than that I would feel is easier to write a rhetorical essay because you need to fill in what's the purpose and who's the speaker and audience . Also, a rhetorical essay is different because rhetorical essay includes appeal and not rhetorical essay doesn’t.The not rhetorical essay would be hard to write because of its different style than the rhetorical strategies. I should change my writing skills from the past and expanded my vocabulary, read regularly and improve on my grammar because I'm weak in that area when I'm writing and I want to have good writing skills. Also, I want to explore other writing methods and technique which can help me with my other

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