Rhetorical Situations And Their Constituents Essay example

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The first thing that we learned in class was on rhetorical situations. When we first went over it in class I was a little taken back at what this concept really meant. I looked like a deer in headlights confused on what a rhetorical situation was. After reading the article “Rhetorical Situations and Their Constituents” multiple times I learned that “rhetorical situations is a situation where a speaker or writer sees a need to change reality and sees that the change may be effected through rhetorical discourse” (Grant-Davie 350). In other words it is anytime you use English to get across a point that you are trying to make (Grant-Davie 347). For example, when you and your best friend are having a conversation and your friend has a different view of a situation that was in the newspaper you are having a rhetorical situation with your best friend trying to get your point across of why she is wrong. When we had to write on a rhetorical situation I tried to show understanding of this concept by using a direct quote from the article that was the definition of a rhetorical situation. Then I applied my new knowledge of rhetorical situations with an example from my work on my short essay. For example, in my first paper when I was explaining how there was a rhetorical situation in my short story that I wrote in my freshmen year of high school I first provided a direct quote of rhetorical situations. Then I provided background knowledge explaining how I used two messages in my story…

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