Rhetorical Analysis on Two Selected Articles: ‘’The Culture of Shut-Up’’ and ‘’the Struggle Over Media Literacy’’

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Rhetorical Analysis on Two Selected Articles: ‘’The Culture of Shut-Up’’ and ‘’the Struggle Over Media Literacy’’

1.0 Article Introduction 1.1 The Culture of Shut-up
A recent article by Jon Lovett on The Atlantic 's site, "The Culture of Shut Up"—contends effectively that ensuring opportunity of discourse is presently up to each of us in this Internet age. As institutional watchmen lose their energy to control data, which ends up less demanding toward oneself designated individual guards to venture in. The very basic result becomes awful, flaring allegations and control tinged calls for statement of regret (or more regrettable) because of online substance. More so regardless of how dumb, unwarranted, preposterous or hostile we
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"The Internet is essentially the reason for, and answer for, everything that torment our society." These days, a tweet or a Facebook post can create a multitude of irate resistance venting its dangerous accusatory bile in the time.
5.0 Identifying the Purpose of the Article ‘’The Struggle over Media literacy ’’
The notion of literacy, particularly in relation to forms like television, is a complex one. The call for media education is in response not to a functionally illiterate media public, but to a public who are already voracious readers, viewers, and listeners. Media literacy is more than a matter of basic comprehension and is not a simple matter of reading media well, whether in the traditional Leavisite sense (of distinguishing between “good” and “bad” texts, see Leavis, 1950), or in the more deconstructive sense of understanding textual strategies, possibilities, or pleasures (Barthes, 1974, 1975, 1988). ). However, a textual analysis that takes place without examining the institutional, cultural, and economic conditions in which texts are produced and understood is necessarily limited.

6.0 Highlighting the Main Points on Article ‘’ The Struggle over Media literacy ’’ 6.1 Political Economy and Citizenship
The political economy of the media seems a rather dry subject for students to consider, it need not be so. Experience has shown that students often

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