Rhetorical Analysis : The New Frontier, And The Killing Of Kennedy

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Alliteration and hyphenate is greatly used in The American Pageant in order to enhance the history of The United States. In this excerpt which describes Kennedy’s New Frontier, the author uses big numbers, alliteration, and hyphenates as descriptive devices in order for students to categorize the given information as positive or negative and unknowingly have a set view on this topic in history. Some examples from The American Pageant include, “A stampede of 43,129,566 Johnson votes trampled the Republican ticket, with its 27,178,188 supporters,” “steeped in sorrow,” and “barbed-wired-and-concrete barrier.” Alliteration is also shown in the sub-titles of the selection on Kennedy’s New Frontier, “Foreign Flare-Ups,” “Cuban Confrontations,” and “The Killing of Kennedy.” The excerpt about Kennedy’s New Frontier in The American Pageant, compared to that of The Americans, uses more dramatic descriptions when explaining events such as Cuban Confrontations in order to give the event a positive or negative connotation, thus determining what point of view the reader will attain. For example, when describing the event of which America learns that the Soviet Union has installed nuclear weapons in Cuba, the author of The Americans wrote,“For the next six days, the world faced the terrifying possibility of nuclear war” (The Americans 882). While the authors of The American Pageant describe the same event as, “The world teetered breathlessly on the brink of global atomization.”…

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