Essay on Rhetorical Analysis Of Women 's Rights

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Rhetorical Analysis

Women’s rights were not always apart of society as it may seem in today’s world. Suffrage can date all the way back to 1776. Women had to fight for their rights and privileges hard and for many years. In the late 1800’s women were seen as much less than a male and had no voice. Women were arrested, prosecuted and put down for wanting more freedom and power for their gender. As you see in many suffrage ads, women were desperate and wanted so badly the same equality as men. A few women in particular stood up for what they believed was right and fought hard. Although it took far too long and over 100 years, in 1920 women were finally given the opportunity to share the same voting rights as men. History had been made.
Many women were pushing for full equality but some agreed to settle for voting. This was a clear step back and damper on work previous women had made. If all women were not in support of the right to vote, how would they ever succeed? Anti suffrage ads began to appear everywhere. Men and surprisingly women were not all in support of women having the right to vote. Ads were degrading towards women and were starting to appear worldwide as this was not just an issue seen in the United States. In 1890 the National American Women’s Suffrage Association (NAWSA) was created and a worldwide campaign for women’s suffrage was born.
In the first ad I viewed, was the image of a suffragette laying in bed while ordering her husband around with the…

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