Rhetorical Analysis Of Truman 's ' Eisenhower And Adlai Stevenson 's `` The Heartland Of America ``

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Since television sets became common household objects, politicians have used them to gain support for their campaign and also try to discredit their opponent. Since the 1952 election, the advertisements have changed in many ways but there is the common theme of attacking the other candidates. The issues varied based on the time period but revolved around similar themes; the economy, civil rights, and foreign policies.
The 1952 election was between Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower and Adlai Stevenson. Eisenhower tried to relate to his audience by seeming to get personal. Several of his advertisements were titled “Eisenhower Answers America” and featured someone asking Eisenhower a question on his presidency. He used this to to convince Americans that he was answering the questions that they had and that he cared.nThe advertisements also mentioned his upbringings in the “heartland of America” which was used to again establish a connection with the viewers. Eisenhower used his background as a general to convince Americans of his competency in handling the war in Korea. Stevenson, however, took a very different approach. His ads were significantly less personal and did not feature him. Instead, Stevenson relied on having people or cartoons reciting things about him. Both candidates attacked the opposing party. Eisenhower said it was time for a new political party to take office and even compared the Democratic reign to a bus crash. Stevenson implied that the Republicans were two-faced…

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