Rhetorical Analysis Of The First Night Of The Democratic National Convention

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Rhetorical Analysis The first night of the Democratic National Convention had a lively start with many passionate speeches in regards to the direction of this country. Speakers like Michelle Obama, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren appeared. Elizabeth Warren, Democratic Senator, gave a speech with a hint of worry and urgency regarding the future of this great nation. It was clear in Warren’s speech, she aimed to show Donald Trump’s faults along with painting Hillary Clinton as the ultimate Presidential candidate. Towards the end of her speech, the audience was shown cheering and agreeing with Warren, Hillary Clinton should be the next President of the United States. Warren opens her speech painting a very black and white picture. She paints two candidates who seem to be, in her opinion, complete opposites. After showing her audience why she is making this speech at the Democratic National Convention she makes a shift. In order to connect with the audience, she gives a background of herself. It seemed as though when talking about how she grew up in Oklahoma, she regains some of her southern accent for that part of her speech. Here she explains to the audience how she sees herself, “a janitor’s daughter”, and she refers to herself as that term more than once throughout her speech. Going further she uses this bit to connect with a variety of people in the audience. After giving a background of herself, Warren continues to compliment the American people. She speaks to the…

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