Rhetorical Analysis Of Social Media On Society Essay

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Rhetorical Analysis on Impact of Social Media on Society

Well-known trainer and expert author, Raymond Tay, in his essay, Impact of Social Media on Society, explained the impacts and implications of social media and social networking in our daily routine as a society. Tay’s purpose is to impress upon readers the idea that the use of social networking tools like Twitter, Facebook, and various blogs has facilitated creation and exchange of ideas so quickly and widely than the conventional media. He creates a considerable tone in order to convey to his readers about the impacts of social media on society.

The essayist call to mind some of the 5 Cs that Singaporean once used, and he listed what he called the brand new Cs; Creativity, Communication, Connection, Creation, Community of shared interest, Collaboration, and Competition.

The outset of his piece is made intelligible in regard to the positive impacts of social media and networking to society. He referred a survey conducted in January 2010 by InSites Consulting over 2,884 consumers from over 14 countries. He disclosed that, the survey conducted in 18 to 55 years of age groups yielded 90% of the participants know at least one social network site and 72% of the participants are members of at least one social network. Based on his view on the survey he contemplated, social media has devalued the traditional definition of “Friend”, where it means trust, support, comparable values and more. Raymond Tay added, although…

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