Rhetorical Analysis Of Mary Fisher 's Speech Essays

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As a young woman, who has family members who are directly affected by Aids, I choose to focus my rhetorical analysis on a speech given by Mary Fisher, a political activist who contracted the virus from someone who she loved and trusted, her second husband. Mary Fisher gave her speech “A Whisper of Aids” at the Republican national convention in 1992 located in Houston Texas; only a year after finding out that she was HIV positive. Mrs. Fisher being an active member in the Republican Party she wanted to raise awareness of the severity of the Aids epidemic in American. She also wanted her party members to understand that this is a disease that can effect anyone at any given moment, regardless of age, race, gender, or political party. Mary Fisher gave this speech to raise awareness around the globe while also giving other members in the HIV/AIDS community the courage to speak out about their diagnosis. Mary fisher excelled with the deliverance of this speech due to her living everyday HIV positive. She also excelled by giving an informative speech informing the audience of the severity of AIDS rather than trying to get sympathy from the audience. Within this speech Mary Fisher effectively utilizes all the rhetorical approaches, relying mostly on an emotional appeal to try and sway the audience toward increasing the awareness on HIV/AIDS. Mary Fisher began her speech with these stunning lines to try and shock the nation as she revealed the she was a white women, a part of the…

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