Essay on Rhetorical Analysis Of. Lewis 's An Experiment

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The rather long essay, “An Experiment in Criticism”, by C.S. Lewis offers a reverse type of traditional literary criticism that focuses on distinction of readers instead of the book itself. The way of approach to the literature classifies the different types of readers. It, then, embedded a vigorous declaration on how evaluative criticism can overpower and overwhelm the reader which results in the slaughter of an individual’s opinion on a literature. It is a wonderful book as it takes u the road of discovery of types of readers (includes self-discovering), the true meaning of a literature, and eventually the function of a criticism.

The major origin of the distinction of the different types of reader was the matter of “using” or “receiving” the literature. The ones that use literature are said to be “unliterary” and the ones receiving it are classified as the “literary”. Subsequently, examples closely related to our lives were admirably exhibited. For instance, the ones singing along to songs and the ones whom merely enjoy it by ears is an example given by C.S Lewis. He linked both music and literature together to construct a closely related to daily life example of “using” and “receiving” a work of art. The explanations he provided in his essay were composed with carefulness and therefore are typically fairly accessible to those who live on this planet. Furthermore, extensive information on the unliterary and literary was ultimately a stepping stone to discovering a good…

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