Rhetorical Analysis Of John F. Kennedys Speech Essay

1474 Words Sep 23rd, 2016 6 Pages
Haneen Halisi
Professor Eberle
English 1A
22 September 2016
Rhetorical Analysis: Why John F. Kennedys Speech Was Effective
In the early sixties equality in the United States was not enforced however segregation because of the color of a person 's skin was. On June 11th 1963 John F Kennedy addresses the Civil Rights Movement. His speech was written in response to the U.S. National Guard that was sent to protect the African American students who were enrolling at the University of Alabama. Kennedy took it upon himself to address this topic. As a political leader Kennedy reaches out and askes the citizens of the United States for help. Kennedy goes through and explains that the United States was founded on the principles of equality. Kennedy then attempts to explain the negative effects segregation has on the country as a whole. At the time the speech was given the civil rights movement was just starting to take off and people were starting to rise cause a lot of riots, violence and killings. Kennedys speech was given out of urgency when the violence got out of hand and a member of the NAACP was assassinated in Mississippi. His speech was so effective that it set the stage for the walk to freedom, on June 23 in Detroit, a march that, stood out as the greatest civil rights movement of that era (Joseph, Peniel E). His speech is very thorough and convincing. Because of his use of logos, ethos, and pathos and because of his tone and word choice Kennedy’s speech was very moving and…

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