Rhetorical Analysis Of Guy De Maupassant 's `` The Necklace `` And The Lottery ``

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All of the short stories are written with one purpose a moral lesson. But what makes them different to another form of writing is the literary devices. The literary devices enhance the literature because it gives certain ideas more meaning, allowing the reader to understand the author 's purpose. While there are many literary device that enhance short stories, situational irony, symbolism and the conflict of Man vs. Society are the foundation to the three short stories; “The Necklace”, “The Story of an Hour”, and “The Lottery”.

In Guy de Maupassant’s short story “The Necklace” situational irony which is the outcome of an unexpected event, emphasis the value of fate. In de Maupassant short story the main characters Monsieur and Madame Loisel are invited to a high class dinner, but because they are poor Madame Loisel has nothing to wear. They spent all their money on a new dress and borrow a necklace which is lost at the ball. The situational irony of this story was that the lost diamond necklace was fake the Loisels spent all their life working hard to pay the replacement. “She came to know the heavy work of the house, the hateful duties of the kitchen” (de Maupassant 9). She valued feeling beautiful and rich, but this unexpected event left her more poor. Her appearance at the end is described like the other poor women. “She had become like all the other strong, hard, coarse women of poor households. Her hair was badly done, her skirts were awry, her hands were red”(de…

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