Essay on Rhetorical Analysis Of Don 't Cash Crop On My Cornrows

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Rhetorical Analysis of “Don’t Cash Crop On My Cornrows”
Amandla Stenberg utilizes the internet, Youtube, to educate a global audience on cultural appropriation and black and hip-hop culture. Stenberg defines cultural appropriation as the moment when an a outside person completely disregards another culture’s history and allows their actions to lead to racial generalization and stereotyping of the culture the aspects originated from; thus allowing the appropriator to be addressed as trendy (Stenberg). Her “Don’t Cash Crop On My Cornrows” youtube video was specifically intended for her teacher and classmates but because Stenberg made the video public her audience also includes those who appropriate culture, the black community who is having their culture appropriated, and the general public. Stenberg argues to her audience that every aspect of black and hip hop culture has significant meaning and that appropriators can be characterized by their lack of interest in the issues that the black community is facing. In addition, she speaks out against people who utilize black and hip hop culture for monetary gain (Stenberg). She is able to construct this highly effective argument because she takes an implicit appeal to ethos and makes a strong appeal to pathos and logos.
To ensure that her video will be effectively perceived by her audience, Amandla Stenberg follows the prerequisites of rhetoric and establishes rhetorical situation and exigency promptly. As she mentions, Stenberg…

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