Rhetorical Analysis Of Abortion By Peter Queenan

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For my rhetorical analysis, I evaluated “The Case Against Abortion” by Peter Queenan. This essay was designed to get the general public to question and reevaluate their opinion of abortion. “The Case Against Abortion” was written by Peter Queenan who is a Canadian-South African citizen that was born in 1957 in South Africa and is now currently a resident of Canada. He was raised as a white South African racist during the apartheid era in his home. This essay that he composed was basically about why abortion is not only atrocious but also extremely wrong. In this essay, his main claim was that an unborn child is still a life that has human rights and is not less human than any other child. The argument was aimed mostly towards secular, non-religious …show more content…
This is what makes him credible because he has experienced a similar situation where he has seen discrimination. He sees how abortion is becoming acceptable in the days today and it is like a rerun of what he had experienced when he was younger. His connection to the situation is what makes him credible. What also makes him credible is his character. He has good character because even though he feels shameful about being a racist he can still tell people that he isn 't proud of being it. What also makes him credible e is that he can admit that he was wrong and what he did is wrong, but that 's where the connection comes in on how having an abortion is also wrong. He is showing people that even though people don 't see it, he does because he has walked a similar walk. Some examples of this are when he talks about his childhood and his acceptance of the basic norms of white and blacks being separated. For instance, he states “I was raised as a racist white South African during the apartheid era in that country.” He uses this example to show that he can relate to the discrimination of abortion. Another example he states is “ a passive racist who simply accepted the social norms regarding the separate and disproportionate treatment of the various races by the all-white government.” He uses this to show that because he was a racist he understands the inequality, which is why he is against abortion. I believe that the audience will respond extremely well because people understand how hard it is to tell truth and especially in a public

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