Rhetorical Analysis Of A Slave Narrative Essay

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Rhetorical Analysis of a slave narrative Slavery was an unfortunate and devastating mark on American history. We talk about it and learn about it in classes but it is rare that we read about honest firsthand accounts from actual slaves. The account in question comes from the viewpoint of Tempie Herndon Durham which was saved through the passage of time by the federal writers project which can be found online via the library of congresses online affiliate. This story holds influence not only socially and politically but gives us information on the history and culture of a group of people who had been tried to be silenced which makes its interest fall under the umbrella of everyone in the united states for influencing this country and how it runs today. The main point of this story is to educate and inform its readers and tell us the story of the 103 year old woman named Tempie Herndon Durham who lived as a slave for the first 30 years of her life and the rest as a free woman with her family. Tempie Herndon Durham was a woman born into slavery up until she was 31 years old in which finally she was free and began a new life as a free woman. She has her life story to back her up to be a credible source of information to get a view of slavery and what it was like at the time. This story of hers telling us a slight passage of her life story from her owners and their cotton mill and dye production to when she got married to another slave from another plantation, I believe…

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