Essay about Rhetorical Analysis Of A Day Of An Ikea Advertisement

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Rhetorical Analysis of a day in the life of an IKEA Advertisement
IKEA is a large Swedish company that stocks products needed for home life in a maze like warehouse with well known chains located around the U.S. and other countries. I came to know of IKEA shortly after becoming a first time homemaker; the ease of shopping for items I needed and did not know I needed became a simple task and felt that by analyzing this ad I could bring attention to a must go to shop for first time homemakers. I chose to analyze an IKEA ad meant to promote a serving cart that targets homemakers and beckons viewers to look inside of their catalogue for more low priced items. The purpose of the ad is to encourage consumers to beautifully furnish their homes by using tactics such as logos, pathos, ethos, and social context to make this point known.
The IKEA Company uses a tactic called logos to draw in potential buyers. Logos is the practice of using logic to concede a point. The advertisement I chose uses statements such as “Designed for people, not consumers” to logically demonstrate that the products they promote kept us in mind and were intentionally made for us the buyers, ad hoc. Logos is further displayed in the middle of the page to the right where a low price is shown next to a serving tray with breakfast foods. This is meant to entice buyers to review the catalog to find other great low prices. This point is driven home when the bottom of the ad states, “The prices in this catalog can…

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