Revolutions Will Not Exist Without Consequences Essay

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Revolutions will not exist without consequences. There are always reasons for revolutions and the American Revolution was no different. These people sought out changes that would benefit the lives of themselves and their children. The benefits of these changes came with a cost that greatly impacted lives. Some of these consequences were towards the social and political aspects of life. The American Revolution sought out changes that may have bettered the lives of many people and brought on independence that we cherish today. This revolution wasn’t easy for everyone caught in it and there were consequences that made an impact.
The initial goals and reasons for declaring independence and the concepts for the revolution were vast. One of the reasons they sought change was because of the economy. Before 1763, Parliament had occasionally acted to forbid the issuance of paper money in America and to restrict colonial economic activities that competed with businesses at home (Foner 176). Colonial manufacturing was forbidden of items like the Wool Act of 1699, Hat Act of 1732, and Iron Act of 1750.The Molasses Act of 1733 sought to curtail trade between New England and the French Caribbean by imposing a prohibitive tax on French-produced molasses used to make rum in American distilleries (Foner 176) The Navigation Acts, sought to channel key American exports like tobacco through British ports (Foner 176). All of this was done to benefit Britain. None of these Acts were put into…

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