Revolutionary And Counter Revolutionary Terrorism Essay example

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Chapter 10 can be summarized by explaining and defining revolutionary and counter revolutionary terrorism. Revolutionary terrorism was the rise of anti-colonialism. The main challenge was to take the power from the state to establish social and political change. They used different strategies in the form of internal warfare of revolution.
Next, is looking at how to model revolutionary terrorism when it comes to Uruguay’s Tupamaros. The revolutionaries came about during the 1960’s. The Tupamaros used an example of urban terrorism. While they waited for the Guerrillas, they reformed their government to create more economic opportunities.
After, the Urban Philosophy was enacted. Their democracy and liberties began to fade as Uruguay’s financial distresses increased. They manage to improve their government and create job opportunities.
The use of counter Revolutionary Terrorism was very successful. The Tupamaros decided to fight with in the city succeeding the strategies of Carlos Marighell.
The early success of the Tupamaros. They saw their peak of supremacy by 1970. That had seven support systems that helped them in Montevideo. The following year they lost their electoral support through the terrorist campaigns. Also, they lost in the national elections which caused the counter terrorist attacks.
The Tupamaro Organization explained. The committee that was in charge had a dispersed process. Their central power came from the inner workings of law enforcement that were given…

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