Revolution And Freedom From The Globe Essay

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Revolutions all across the globe had constituted to an era, which brought forth to some of the most influential artists and writers of the late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century. In particular, the revolutions pertaining to America such as the Declaration of Independence, in 1776, gave many artists new subjects to consider such as contradicting political views, economic actualization and strong cultural and social diversity. When these feelings were brought forth into works of art, the movement became known as Romanticism and the time of revolution and freedom was coined the term ‘the Romantic era’. This was an artistic, musical, and literary movement that “[depicted] emotional matter in an imaginative form” and “[emphasized] individualism; spontaneity; [and] freedom from rules” (Morner). Together these promoted a sense of nationalism, which placed a special emphasis on “the importance of… [developing] national character” and an increase of expression involving romantic musical scores, poetry, and other styles of writing (Baym).
Those who followed the ideals of Romanticism believed “that imagination is superior to reason,” and that a “love of and worship of nature” is very important. The writers at the turn of the century also had a “fascination with the past,” deriving innovation for their works from all corners of the globe (Morner). Romanticism in the United States was charged by the newly found freedoms as a sovereign nation, where the ideals of westward…

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