Revision Of Mid Term Essay - How Do Tan And Baldwin Make The Point For The Acceptance Of The

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Revision of mid-term essay
How do Tan and Baldwin make the point for the acceptance of the multilingual society?

What is multilingual? Well, multilingual is having more than one voice or languages. Multilingual was main acceptance in both Baldwin and Tan piece because the society we are residing in today, people are coming from many different culture and language throughout the world to live together. In order to take control over our circumstances through society today one must put aside their first language and pick up another language. In this case multilingual demonstrate how one language can easily mist judge, understood, or affect society.
James Baldwin, author of “If Black English isn’t a language then tell me what us” demonstrate the significant of how the dominant power structure use their power to control others. Also, the article shows how the dominant power structure does respect other and the structure doesn’t define Black English as a language rather a dialect. In order for one to survive among there surrounding one much adopted another language. The article states “A language can come into existence by mean of brutal necessity and the rule of the language and dictated by what the language must convey”, (2). I can see the point because, one don’t necessary have to forget the first language there was brought up on however one must pick up another language to fit in and get around society. Much like this article “Pygmalion” is a great example of this because a…

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