Review Of ' Viii Of Nicomachean Ethics ' Essay

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Friendship is an easy thing to get, but it is not an easy thing to maintain. In book VIII of Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle explains the meanings and purpose of friendships by breaking it down into three categories. The categories are utility, pleasure, and moral character which arise through perceived or actual good. All types of friendships are determined by mutual feelings of goodwill towards each other. Once those feelings disappear then there is no longer any connection between the two people, because only friendships based on goodness will be long lasting. The characteristics of this goodness include, the desire for the same things by sharing each other 's joys and sorrows. Being involved with each other by sharing time and space. Then, for a long lasting friendship, wishing the other person well, and that both people should be equal. All of these characteristics are important in having a healthy and good friendship, even if it is a friendship of utility, pleasure, or moral character.

The ability to have a healthy friendship depends on both people being virtuous, so that there is a balance within the relationship. There are two main kinds of virtue which are moral and intellectual virtue. Moral virtues are learned through constant practice, such as an athlete who is in training. Intellectual virtues can be taught so that a person may think correctly. A person can be compared to a knife in regards to virtue because a knife is only good if it is sharp which…

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