Essay on Review of the Related Literature and Studies

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Review of the Related Literature and Studies
A researcher needs to review the write-ups, readings, and studies related to the present study in order to determine the similarities and differences of the findings between the past and present studies
Related Literature * Literature maybe defined as written works collectively, especially those enduring importance, exhibiting creative imagination and artist skill which are written in a particular period, language, and subject. * In other words, any written matter such as book, journal, magazine, novel, poetry, and encyclopedia are considered as literature.
Guidelines on Effective writing of Literature 1. Research paper must be written in a formal style, which is in the third
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The researcher’s motivation for conducting the study (this is usually found in the introduction); 2. The statement of the problem; 3. The variables involved in the study, including their qualifications; 4. The research designs, including the sampling plan utilized the investigator; 5. The major results and conclusions.

The use of the following phrases and expressions that help express related literature and studies are:
In 1999, Dizon stresses that
From the book of Espidido entitled “Practice of Research” published by the National Bookstore Inc. , in 1999 he expounded that Gay (1998) said that Fox (1990) suggested that GATES (1998) pointed out that

Example 1. Bernard’s pointed that good teachers vary their combination of traits but the listed characteristics do indicate what teachers should strive for (1999) Example 2 Ryan’s (1999) found out that the qualities of good teachers are not absolute; they are instead interacting traits that may vary in their merits, depending upon educational philosophy, pupil characteristics, course level and content.

Empirical evidence is information acquired by observation or experimentation. This data is recorded and analyzed by scientists and is a central process as part of the scientific method.
Precolonial Literature (1564)

Among the literary forms during the precolonial period were riddles and proverbs, at the heart of which were the talinghaga (metaphor); the Hanunoo-Mangyan

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