Review Of ' The ' Night ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay example

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CHRIS’ parents are getting ready to leave for dinner. The parents are going, but their son CHRIS is relaxing on the couch, and doesn’t want to go.
CHRIS remains on the couch, falling asleep while his father is getting the car keys.
Are you ready? Hey Chris, are you sure you are not coming?

CHRIS shakes his head, while he is falling asleep. The clock TICKS, Chris falls asleep. A few moments later, CHRIS wakes up. He notices that his parents have left. He gets up, goes to the main door and locks it. CUT TO: SCENE 2: OPTION 1
CHRIS walks back to his bedroom. He sits down on his desktop chair and turns on his PlayStation. As CHRIS gets ready to start playing games, he hears a loud KNOCK coming from the house.
CHRIS is worried, he doesn’t know if there is someone else at home with him. He gets up and walks outside his bedroom. CHRIS
Hello, who’s there? CHRIS stands still for a bit, and he looks around him. There is no one at home. He decides to go outside through the main door, to check if there is anything outside. He unlocks the door, opens it and goes outside. CHRIS What was that?
CHRIS walks outside and looks around. Suddenly, the main door swings slowly, making a CREEPY noise. CHRIS looks behind him straight away, he’s not sure of what is going on. He slowly goes back inside the house, and then quickly checking behind the door. There is nothing. He gets inside and shuts the door.…

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