Review Of ' The Lion King ' Essay

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Disney is known for producing well-rounded children’s movies that promote high moral standards. Children think the story of The Lion King is about a young cub, Simba, who looses his father but returns to Pride Rock to save the Kingdom his father once ruled. However, behind this tale, there are political undertones (Hierarchy and race in Disney- Lion King). For instance, in The Lion King, lions are successful because they know how to rule. They have gender norms, they know the appropriate time to use force versus negation, they have “swagger”, are muscular and are at the top of the food chain (Wlm5086). They are also depicted as the wisest and most composed of the species. Lions keep the circle of life in order. The lion hierarchy depicts the leader, Mufasa, as intelligent and benevolent, protecting the health and welfare of all the members of the community. Pride Rock also functions as a “Monopolar” society. This means the upper class, which in this case are the lions, are determined to maintain power (Literary Theory Applied to The Lion King ). Mufasa is a political figure because he uses tools of international politics: “swagger”, “defensive use of force”, “deterrent use of force,” “monoplor” ruling and is from a dominate species to be a successful ruler.
Pride Rock functions on the idea of “the circle of life”. The opening scene of The Lion King is when Mufasa and his wife are showing their newborn to the Kingdom. There is united praise among all the species in the…

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