Review Of ' The Featherless Chicken ' Essay

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come along. The chicken accidentally picks up what looks to be some feathers, and then is invited on the boat with the other chickens. After all the chickens get into an accident the featherless chicken discovers that the other chickens didn’t have real feather either and that they are all the same. The featherless chicken is a great book to teach the importance of being yourself which very good lesson that should be taught to children at a very young age. If the chickens would 've all been themselves in the first place they wouldn 't have been selective to who would come on the boat. I would tell my students that God has created each one of them perfectly and that we should not try to be like others to fit in but in the end we are all the same, children of God.

Allard, H. (1985) Miss Nelson is missing! Orlando, FL: HMH Books for Young Readers. Age Range 4 to 6 / 340L (Preschool - 3rd) Miss Nelson is not the best when it comes to controlling her classroom, but when Miss Nelson does not show up to class one day the students start to get worried. A new teach shows up and introduces herself as the substitute teacher. The substitute teacher is very mean and the students start to miss Miss Nelson more and more. The student’s decide to find a detective to find their teacher. In the end Miss Nelson comes back to class and the students tell her how much they missed her. Little do her students know Miss Nelson was the substitute teach all along. As a Christian educator I do…

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