Review Of Soo Kan's 'The Year Of Impossible Goodbyes'

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1945. A war. No mother and father. It’s just Soo Kan and Inchun where they are risking their lives. They can be shot by a bullet any second by the Russians, but they still take the chance. Soo Kan is the main character of the novel, the Year of Impossible Goodbyes written by Sook Nyul Choi. She and her brother, Inchun live in Kirimni, Pyeongyang. As soon as the country is free from Japan, the Russians take over North Korea. Once again their freedom is limited from the “Town Reds”. However, in the south, it is known that freedom exists. Soo Kan and her brother take the chance and escape to the south when they know that they can die if they are caught. Soo Kan portrays maturity, responsibility, and the loss of youth throughout the novel, leading to have freedom and safety. …show more content…
She learns a valuable lesson of family and support. Soo Kan and Inchun are under the moon, squatting against the pebbly hill. They are both starving and tired, without anyone to ask for help. The guard dogs and soldiers can arrive any second if they know that they are trying to escape. “Inchun shivered and said, ‘Nuna, how long are we going to sit here like this? These little stones are hurting me and I have to lock my knees and dig my heels in to keep from sliding. My legs are getting tired already.’” (Choi 159). This quote is showing the tough and complicated situation Soo Kan and Inchun are in. Here, Soo Kan is proving that she is maturing by taking care of her

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