Review Of ' Not Super Easy Essay

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I was sceptical at first when I began reading Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, because I always judge books by their covers, even though I really shouldn’t. I have also found that as I got older I’ve had less and less time to read during the day, so finding time to be able to sit down and read the entire book book was a little bit of a hassle. While I started reading this book I slowly fell in love with it, because It just gelled with me really easily. I figured out the genre as teen fiction due to the word choice and vocabulary used throughout the book, not super easy, but just hard enough to make you really think. I decided to read this book because of quite a few people recommending it to me, and I have a project on it, so It seemed to be in my best interests to read it.
The story opens up to our main character, Oskar, explaining how he feels about an assortments of things ranging from tea kettles to heart beats. Oskar then starts telling us about his life and life experiences, from his first (and last) day of Jujitsu, to how he loves playing the cymbals. As he progresses on we learn bit by bit who Oskar is. We learn that he is a nine year old boy living in New York, and has a mother, a grandma, and his father is nowhere to be seen. After a few more conversations we learn that he is going to his father’s funeral, who died during 9/11.
Then, Oskar tells us about the one of two times he’s been in a limo, and how he disliked it. He then begins telling us how the limo…

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