Review Of John F. Rooney Jr. Essay

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2: Literature Review
John F. Rooney Jr. of Oklahoma State University is the leading sports geographer and his research from 1974 in his book A Geography of American Sport from Cabin Creek to Anaheim is the foundation of sport geography research. In 1974, when Rooney did his research, he determined “The region encompassing Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and spilling over into several adjacent states is truly phenomenal as a player source region” (Rooney, 1974 p. 156). Rooney defined a player being from a certain state based on the high school attended. He collected data from major college and university varsity basketball player rosters from 1961 to 1967.
Rooney’s player production value was determined on the county and state level of where the high school was located. Rooney developed an index to determine the player production of each state and county through a population-based location quotient. The formula for the index Rooney used was calculated by:
Number of Players per capita for State
Number of Players per capita for US

Based on the formula above Rooney determined there were several urbanized counties which produced a high number of basketball players (Rooney, 1974, p. 153). Despite the counties with high urban density, Rooney found a high level of player production in the rural counties of Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky. He removed Cook County in Illinois and still found, “Of the nation’s 346 A counties, forty are in Kentucky, thirty-four in Illinois, and thirty-two…

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