Review Of ' Gryphon ' By Charles Baxter Essay

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Conventional Meets Interesting Gryphons, or griffons, are mythological creatures with the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion. The new substitute teacher talks about these in the short story “Gryphon” written by Charles Baxter. This new substitute teacher comes in and disregards everything that the class had learned and done before that. Within the few days that she is there, she goes on to tell the class wild things about mythological creatures and angles that she claimed to have seen which made me think that she was kind of crazy. My Overall response was, like the narrator, intrigue. Since the way the narrator talked about the substitute gave off a sense of mystique, the author meant for her to be intriguing and strange. My reaction to “Gryphons” was intrigue, just like the author had intended. When I first started reading this short story I thought that the narrator, Tommy, was a perfect little innocent kid with a very conventional life. He didn’t like people who acted out. He thought the person who sat in front of him was a bad person. The girl, Carol, blew he nose into a piece of paper and then threw it away. “Carol sat at the desk in front of me and was a bad person” (Baxter 138). If Tommy thought that this act made her a bad person, he must really be a good kid. Seeing the way he acted in school made me wonder what his family was like. It seems like he had a normal home life. Tommy’s mother is compared to Betty Crocker, “Her face and hairstyle…

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