Review Of ' Fallen Angels ' By Walter Dean Myers Essay

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Character Development in Fallen Angels Richie Perry, the main character in Fallen Angels went to war, so he could escape his troubled life at home. Fallen Angels is a book written by Walter Dean Myers about the hardships of the Vietnam War. Myers in known for his accurate, detailed and sometimes graphic depiction of the War. The setting of Vietnam gave Richie experiences that changed him mentally and emotionally. Such as, seeing some of his friends killed, to having to push through being controlled by a racist commander, and believing his bad knee will keep him from actually fighting. Walter Dean Myers uses the setting of the Vietnam War to highlight the change in Richie from a selfish troubled young man, to one who is aware and cares about others in the novel, Fallen Angels. Richie believes in the beginning of the story that his medical papers will keep him out of the fight. Richie has a bad knee and the paper says he is not permitted to fight with his knee in the condition it is in. Due to this, Richie wants a simple, safe and quiet desk job instead of in the line of duty. He is selfish about his safety and his safety only, and not having to fight. When Richie arrives in Vietnam all the men and women that were on his flight were sent to different camps. When this time comes Richie exposes how selfish he is. He wants to go to a camp that will keep him safe and doesn’t care where the other men and women are sent. “The only reason I was going was because of a paperwork mess…

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