Review Of Antonio 's Journey, By Antonio Anaya Essay

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As Ultima once said “You are growing, and growing is change. Accept the change make it part of your strength” (Anaya, 89). Throughout Antonio’s journey,he begins to question several things and with Ultima’s guidance,Antonio’s decisions are made wisely. Antonio has gained knowledge and loss his innocence. Antonio 's progression to manhood is marked with death. It seems that witnessing multiple murders and seeing a close friend drown go a long way in pushing a young boy to grow up fast.Tony went through a dramatic coming-of-age over the course of two years. He is no longer the innocent little boy, so eager to please. But through this difficult loss of innocence he has gained a personal strength that will benefit him immensely as he his journey sets through other conflicts and revelations. His experiences have forever shaped the man he will become.

Instead of dealing with first kisses and drivers ed, Antonio wrestles with philosophical questions that have plagued men’s generations. So while he comes of age , it 's clear he was already wise beyond his years. Before he becomes wise,Antonio is often frustrated by by the failure of the Church to explain contradictions of human morality and the human experience. Antonio is influenced by many conflicting cultures, he needs more than just conflicting viewpoints. Antonio doesn 't find all his questions out but, through Ultima 's guidance, he learns that he needs to think for himself and that no belief system can simply hand him…

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