Reverse Tithe And Income Statistics Essay

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The following is a way of looking at the proportionate giving potential based on the median household income and actual totals with an estimated reverse tithe to income. Based on the individuals that gave five or more times the reverse tithe to income statistic is well below a median household for the community it is in. The campus the dissertation project will be held shows the reverse tithe to income statistics that members that are giving at least four times per year are making an average reverse tithe to income calculation of $39,074 compared to the actual median income of $73,031. This is only 53% of the giving potential at a tithe level based on community median household income. To show the contrast from potential to actual. The top 10 givers at the Lenexa Campus have an average reverse tithe to income estimated at $539,900 in personal income. The highest impact donors are carrying the weight of many other donors. Yet the spread in potential to realized is still there. The current donations of 892 members giving five or more times in the last year is $4,759,790. To make sure this is consistent, these statistics are members only. These families have the most vested in the church. If the same membership base gross tithed off a $75K median household income, then the projected tithe would be $6,690,000. In summary, there would be a 1.9 million increase in the budget just from that donor group, not to mention any potential new donors that might catch the same vision to…

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