Revenge : The Nature Of Revenge Essay

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The nature of revenge is fickle. There is no single outcome that should be expected as a result of taking revenge due to revenges highly variable nature. It is not often that one is able to escape the consequences of revenge, may they be social, psychological, or physical; the decision to take revenge must be thoroughly through out, so that one may be fully prepared for the penalties resulting from the decision exact revenge upon those who have committed wrongs or take mercy upon them. When attempting to right the wrongs that have been committed against oneself, it is important to take into account the situation in which vengeance has become necessary and the opportunities that are present for revenge to be taken with as little consequence. It is highly suggested that revenge should be taken only in retaliation to a wrong that has been committed against oneself or one’s associates due to the precarious nature of revenge. Avenging the wrongs that have been committed should be equal to the wrongs that have been committed or as similar as possible because committing a wrong of greater proportions could lead to a perpetual cycle of revenge that could possibly be detrimental to all participants in the resulting feud. It is necessary to keep a code for which retaliation should be based off in order to keep an equilibrium in tact in your society. There are few times in which taking revenge does not consist of a plethora of consequence as it is human nature to desire to right the…

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