Revelation, By Flannery O ' Connor Essay

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Each human being will experience a revelation within their lifetime, sometimes it can happen in an ironic way. For example, in “Revelation,” by Flannery O’Connor, Mrs. Turpin is perceived in two completely different ways: everyone besides herself views her as an uptight judgmental rich woman, while she views herself as a God- fearing blessed woman. The irony throughout the short story starts by taking place in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. As Mr. and Mrs. Turpin wait to seek medical assistance, she looks around and constantly judges everyone in the room, whether they are poor, rich, fat, skinny, ugly, white, or black. She is completely inattentive to the way she treats people, therefore, people begin to notice and react to her poor actions. Three ironic scenes that stand out the most are: Mary Grace’s name and attacking Mrs. Turpin with her Human Development book, the fact that she is called a hog, and when Mrs. Turpin talks to God.
As a matter of fact, Mary Grace has such an ironic name in this story, it is mind-blowing. Mary is the mother of Jesus, which is a kind and loving woman who never means any harm. Grace is the gift God gives sinners and all his children daily; in this case, Mary Grace has absolutely no grace for anyone. She is the complete opposite of what her name truly means; “All at once the ugly girl turned her lips inside out again. Her eyes fixed like two drills on Mrs. Turpin. This time there was no mistaking that there was something urgent…

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