Resurrection : The Passage Of Jesus Essay

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Resurrection: The passage of Jesus from death to new life “on the third day” after his Crucifixion; the heart of the Paschal Mystery and the basis of our hope in the resurrection from the dead. gnosticism: A group of heretical religious movements that claimed salvation comes from the secret knowledge available to the elite initiated in that religion. corruptible: Something that can be spoiled or contaminated or made rotten, especially to be made morally perverted. exegesis: The study and proper interpretation of Scriptures. righteous: to be sinless and without guilt before God. Can also be used as a noun.
Ascension: The “going up” into Heaven of the Risen Christ forty days after his Resurrection. symmetry: When the opposite ends of an equation or an event balance each other or have similar properties or characteristics. paradox: A statement that seems contradictory or opposed to common sense and yet is true. Review Questions:
Describe several of Jesus’ Resurrection appearances.
Some Resurrection appearances of Jesus are the women seeing an angel and witnessing an empty tomb, Jesus appearing to Mary Magdalene, Jesus appears to two disciple walking away from Jerusalem. the commission of the twelve, the appearance to the apostles, Jesus appears to Peter and six other disciples in Galilee, the Ascension, and the appearance to Paul.
Give one argument for believing in the Resurrection as a historically validated event.
It was a consistent belief in the early Church. Found in all…

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