Response to Savage Inequalities by Jonathan Kozol Essay

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Response to Savage Inequalities by Jonathan Kozol In Savage Inequalities, Jonathan Kozol describes the conditions of several of America's public schools. Kozol visited schools in neighborhoods and found that there was a wide disparity in the conditions between the schools in the poorest inner-city communities and schools in the wealthier suburban communities. How can there be such huge differences within the public school system of a country, which claims to provide equal opportunity for all? It becomes obvious to Kozol that many poor children begin their young lives with an education that is far inferior to that of the children who grow up in wealthier communities. Savage Inequalities provides strong evidence of the national …show more content…
Funded primarily from property taxes, it's clear that the wealthier areas will have more expensive houses and so higher property tax revenues to put into the schools. The areas of poverty will have less money for schools and so the education and opportunities for the poor kids will be far less than those offered to kids from wealthy families. The federal government has done nothing to help these conditions. Kozol describes how federal funding has actually increased this inequity in many areas.
Ironically, while many people argue that money won't solve the problems of the inner city schools, these same people cry out in fear at the thought of taking money away from the wealthy suburban schools. Kozol points out the clear contradiction in this argument that money won't help the poor but taking it away from the rich would cause irreparable damage. He notes that this is little more than veiled racism, suggesting that the problem with inner city schools is basically genetic.
Attending inferior segregated schools, receiving inadequate medical care, living near toxic waste, and seeing dead ends and desperation among the adults around them gives oppressed nation kids growing up in the inner cities of America little hope for success. Those who want to see equality for all people need to take the lessons of Savage Inequalities to their logical conclusion and see that the system of capitalism is built to reinforce inequality. National

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