Respondent Conditioning Case Study

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What were Pavlov’s initial observations that prompted his experiments on respondent conditioning? (pg. 332)

Pavlov initially implanted tubes into the dogs’ gland to measure the amount of secretion. When his assistant would present food to the dogs, they would salivate. After some time, they noticed that the dogs would salivate whenever the assistant entered the room, irrespective of whether he had food or not.

b. Then describe the exact analogy between those observed events and the events he arranged in his classic demonstrations of conditioning, and identify the technical terms that correspond to each.

Pavlov began his experimental trail leading to respondent conditioning. He gave a dog meat powder, which immediately produced salivation. He then paired the ringing of a bell with the presentation of the meat powder. Salivation continued. After the initial pairing, he the omitted the meat powder and presented only the bell. At this point, the ringing of the bell also produced salivation.
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Respondent conditioning is a neutral stimulus acquires the eliciting properties of an unconditioned stimulus through pairing the unconditioned stimulus with a neutral stimulus. Operant conditioning is reinforcing consequences following the response increase its future frequency; and aversive consequences following the response decrease its future frequency. Similarities: both involve pairing -a neutral stimulus is presented immediately before a functioning stimulus -in both the NS acquires the function of the paired

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